Sally Sherman Vegetable Salads

Vegetable Salads

Fresh, crisp, and delightful, Sally Sherman’s Vegetable Salads are deliciously plucked from the farmer’s vegetable garden! Our healthful, and imaginative array of premium salads are all-natural, and 100% delectable.


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CARROTS AND RAISINorthodox union certified

This nutritious salad is also a crowd-pleasing favorite. The unique flavor combination of thinly sliced fresh carrots and sweet, plump raisins is beautifully accented by our sweet and creamy dressing made with 100% Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.


Item Code: 1530
Pack: 4 lb.


EGGPLANT CAPONATAorthodox union certified

Diced eggplant with fresh cut celery and onions, tossed in a rich tomato sauce prepared with Roma tomatoes and seasoned with Italian herbs.


Item Code: 1551

Pack: 4 lb.


ANTIPASTOorthodox union certified

Colorful, healthful and utterly essential, this authentic Mediterranean salad combines savory olives, crisp cauliflower, fresh celery, peppers, onions and crunchy carrots delicately blended in a seductively seasoned vinaigrette dressing.


Item Code: 1806
Pack: 8 lb.


HEALTHorthodox union certified

Nutritious becomes delicious in this sunny salad filled with fresh shredded cabbage, crunchy carrots and crisp bell peppers in a light and perfectly seasoned vinaigrette.


Item Code: 1870

Pack: 8 lb.


THREE BEANorthodox union certified

Healthy, nutritious and fiber filled salad with a medley of green,red and white beans in a clear dressing.


Item Code: 1890

Pack: 8 lb.