Sally Sherman

Hand Packed Salads

Sally Sherman’s Ultra-Premium Hand Packed Salads are born from the Executive Chef’s imagination. Richly flavorful, these signature creations are designed to accompany the most cutting edge center-of-plate creations. Each of these salad creations are unique, healthful, and unforgettably delicious.


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ASIAN SESAME NOODLEorthodox union certified

Vegetarian hoisin lo mein noodles with toasted black sesame seeds.


Item Code: 1512

Pack: 4/4lb.


EDAMAMEorthodox union certified

This fresh, unique and savory salad is both healthful and absolutely yummy! Rich edamame soybeans combined with crisp cut carrots, red peppers and fresh parsley are tossed with sesame oil, red vinegar and spices.


Item Code: 1527

Pack: 4/4lb.


LEMON ZEST CHICK PEAorthodox union certified


Item Code: 1561

Pack: 4/4lb.



Perfectly cooked chicken livers mixed with chopped eggs and caramelized onions make up this old world favorite.


Item Code: 1709

Pack: 6/5lb.