Sally Sherman Pasta Salads

Pasta Salads

Sally Sherman's memorable array of hearty pasta salads are perfectly prepared and filled with premium ingredients. Well-balanced, and bursting with fresh vegetables, these salads are perfect dinner accompaniments that can easily be transformed into center-of-plate creations!


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BOWTIE PASTAorthodox union certified

Light and delicious, this pasta salad favorite combines Bowtie pasta cooked to perfection, fresh bell peppers and sliced black olives in a refreshing Italian dressing.

  • Kosher

  • Item Code: 1574

  • Pack: 4 lb.



A mixture of white and green tortellini pasta combined with a medley of fresh vegetables in an oil and vinegar dressing make this fabulous tortellini salad one to remember.

  • Item Code: 1578

  • Pack: 4 lb.


PENNE w/ SUN DRIED TOMATOorthodox union certified

This full-flavored pasta salad combines the robust intensity of sun dried tomatoes and black olives with Penne pasta cooked al dente in a lightly seasoned Italian dressing.

  • Kosher

  • Item Code: 1695

  • Pack: 4 lb.



  • Item Code: 1573

  • Pack: 4 lb.




Elbow macaroni mixed with bacon bits, plum tomato, and lettuce. Perfect for any side dish during the summer time when barbecuing with family and friends. PDF Click here to download our PDF

  • Item Code: 1595

  • Pack: 4 lb.

SPIRAL PASTAorthodox union certified

This colorful salad is a flavorful mix of perfectly prepared durum semolina spinach pasta spirals combined with fresh bell peppers, savory black olive slices, and tossed in an ideal balance of oil, vinegar and spices to create a fresh salad to remember.

  • Kosher

  • Item Code: 1865

  • Pack: 8 lb.