Sally Sherman Seafood Salads

Seafood Salads

Sally Sherman brings you the freshest catches from the sea! Our deliciously balanced seafood recipes filled with quality fish and premium ingredients are truly crowd pleasing favorites.


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This thoroughly satisfying seafood salad combines tender black tiger shrimp, sushi grade surimi, succulent scallops in a rich creamy 100% Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise dressing.


Item Code: 1770

Pack: 4lb.



This mouth watering seafood salad combines sushi quality surimi in both chunks and shreds with crisp celery, and savory spices in a rich dressing made with 100% Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.


Item Code: 1771

Pack: 4lb.



Summon the seas with this fresh salad offering filled with tasty black tiger shrimp blended with crisp celery and savory spices in a rich and creamy dressing made with 100% Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.


Item Code: 1780

Pack: 4lb.



This union of marvelous Mediterranean flavors combines black tiger shrimp, chunks and shreds of sushi quality surimi, sweet scallops with crunchy celery, savory black olives and a satisfyingly tasty vinaigrette dressing.


Item Code: 1804

Pack: 4lb.